Monday, June 30, 2008

Lary shorts

from wikipedia:

The Larry shorts are two animated films made by Seth MacFarlane in the 1990s, which led to the development of Family Guy as a prime-time TV show from 1999 onwards.

In basic form, Larry and Steve is very similar in format to Family Guy. Both Larry shorts use characters and voices similar to those found in Family Guy, with Peter Griffin (the moronic, lowbrow family patriarch) based on Larry and Brian Griffin (the smart, witty, alcoholic dog) based on Steven (though only Larry can understand him, everyone else just hears barking) as well as an airline pilot character with a voice very similar to that of Glenn Quagmire, who is an airline pilot on Family Guy. In the Larry and Steve short, Larry mentions a store named "Stewie's" which coincides with name of Peter Griffin's infant son, Stewie. Larry's wife is named Lois, which is also the name of Peter's wife in Family Guy. Peter's teenage son, Chris, is very similar in appearance to Larry's son, Milt.


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