Monday, June 30, 2008

Adventurers Club

from wikipedia:

The Adventurers Club is a themed nightclub in Pleasure Island at the Walt Disney World Resort. It is styled after a private club for world travelers and explorers and is set in 1937. The walls of the club are covered with artifacts and photographs from various explorations. The Adventurers Club features animatronics, puppets, and a cast of adventurers who perform in shows and improvise comedy while mingling with the club's patrons. Shows and conversation are often laced with innuendo, and the patrons might be welcomed as guests, given fictitious names and "recognized" as fellow adventurers, or simply referred to as "drunks".

On June 27th, 2008 The Orlando Sentinel announced the Adventurer's Club (along with all other clubs on Pleasure Island) would be closing forever on September 27th 2008. An online petition to save the club was created by members the DIS boards at Petition Online in hopes that Disney would consider moving the club or keeping it as part of the new Pleasure Island format. Petition located at


Lary shorts

from wikipedia:

The Larry shorts are two animated films made by Seth MacFarlane in the 1990s, which led to the development of Family Guy as a prime-time TV show from 1999 onwards.

In basic form, Larry and Steve is very similar in format to Family Guy. Both Larry shorts use characters and voices similar to those found in Family Guy, with Peter Griffin (the moronic, lowbrow family patriarch) based on Larry and Brian Griffin (the smart, witty, alcoholic dog) based on Steven (though only Larry can understand him, everyone else just hears barking) as well as an airline pilot character with a voice very similar to that of Glenn Quagmire, who is an airline pilot on Family Guy. In the Larry and Steve short, Larry mentions a store named "Stewie's" which coincides with name of Peter Griffin's infant son, Stewie. Larry's wife is named Lois, which is also the name of Peter's wife in Family Guy. Peter's teenage son, Chris, is very similar in appearance to Larry's son, Milt.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

from wikipedia:

James Bigglesworth, better known in flying circles as "Biggles", is a fictional pilot and adventurer created by W. E. Johns.

He first appeared in the story "The White Fokker", published in the first issue of Popular Flying magazine, in 1932. The first collection of Biggles stories, The Camels are Coming, was published that same year.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Structural insulated panel

from wikipedia:

Structural insulated panels (or structural insulating panels), SIPs, are a composite building material. They consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with an insulating layer of foam in between. The board is usually oriented strand board (OSB) and the foam either expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) or polyurethane foam.

SIPs share the same structural properties as an I-beam or I-column. The rigid insulation core of the SIP performs as a web, while the OSB sheathing exhibits the same properties as the flanges. SIPs replace several components of conventional building such as studs and joists, insulation, vapor barrier and air barrier. As such they can be used for many different applications such as exterior wall, roof, floor and foundation systems.


Sunday, June 8, 2008


The interrobang (/ɪn'tɛrəbæŋ/) () is a rarely used, nonstandard English-language punctuation mark intended to combine the functions of the question mark (also called the interrogative point) and the exclamation mark (known in printers' jargon as the bang). The typographical character is a superimposition of those two marks. The same effect is also frequently achieved by using both, e.g., "How could you do such a thing!?" or "How could you do such a thing?!" (more...)

Severe weather terminology (United States)

This article describes the United States National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS defines precise meanings for nearly all its weather terms. This article describes NWS terminology and related NWS weather scales. Some terms may be specific to certain cities or regions. (more...)